Altenburg Trumpeter Pigeon

Welsh ……………… Pigeon trwmpedwr Altenburg
Yiddish ……………. אַלטענבורג טרומפּעטער פּיגעאָן
Afrikaans …………. Altenburg Trompet PigeonrchALT-medium

Altenburg Trumpeter Pigeon 1


Altenburg Trumpeters
I first purchased three pair from Merle Starr in spring 2005. Merle imported 10 Altenburgs in 2000 from Germany and from these imports, as well as a few Altenburgs here in the USA that he bred into his imports., I bought three more very useful birds from Merle at Des Moines in December 2005. The black bar blue hen is bred from stock from the late Guenter Wenzel (whose bloodlines are still being bred by Brian Malone, Jr) and the blue check cocks are from bloodline from Steve St Clair I believe. All of the ash red/yellows are from imported birds. In fall of 2007 I acquired four more import birds from other strains thanks to John Nelson. A black, a black blue bar, a mealy and a cream. These will go nicely with the stock I already have from Merle Starr.

Altenburgs give the Arabians a run for their money for who has the best Trumpeting ability. As you can see, this breed is bred mostly for their voice, with no ornaments to worry about. They apparently raise alot more babies each year than the more heavily ornamented breeds. This breed is fast becoming my favorite breed of pigeon. Not only are they easy to care for, they are great to listen to for voice/trumpeting ability, they come in an array of markings and colors and they are easily tamed.

This year I will be breeding from just a few pair as I regain my momentum with the pigeons: Mealy, Red Check, Cream, Yellow Check, Blue Black Bar, Blue Check, Silver Bar, Silver Check are currently in my breeding pairs.

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